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Tee Grizzley - Mr. Officer (feat. Queen Naija & Members of the Detroit Youth Choir)

Tee Grizzley - Mr. Officer (feat. Queen Naija & Members of the Detroit Youth Choir)

Tee Grizzley - Mr. Officer (feat. Queen Naija & Members of the Detroit Youth Choir) (Pitchfork)

Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley releases powerful anthem "Mr.Officer". The song boldly addresses the issue of police brutality alongside a poetic hook with the assistance of Queen Naija and the children of the Detroit Youth Choir. As protests across the country continue, Tee explains the importance of releasing the song by saying “I got a million experiences I can touch on in my music, but I couldn’t make another song without speaking on what’s going on. I’m not a politician or activist but right now it’s everybody’s job to speak up because the pain, the struggle for equality and the brutality is real”.

Along with the release, Tee also donated $10,000 each to Victory Management Homes and the Horatio Williams Foundation. As the son of a mother who is currently incarcerated, Tee recalls the moment in his childhood when they took his mother away and the state was going to put him and his siblings into foster care before his grandmother stepped in to be their primary caregiver. With that memory in mind, his donation comes as an effort to better support children who have lost their parents due to police brutality or mass incarceration and are forced to live within the foster care system.

In a statement, Horatio Williams, founder of the Horatio Williams Foundation says: “We are beyond gratuitous for this donation to the Horatio Williams Foundation. With the current state of the country, it is important we show our youth they are our future - they can do anything! This generous donation will help the foundation continue providing impactful programs propelling them towards success. These kids are our future. They are loved, they are bright, and they are worthy.”

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