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Who Is Lil Tecca?

Lil Tecca - Out Of Luck (Video)

His first song was birthed from a roast session on Xbox Live

Lil Tecca’s career as a rapper began after roasting his friend on Xbox Live, while playing a game of Call of Duty. It’s not clear what the exact comment was, but after getting flamed, Tecca sought to take his retaliation to the next level. “I was like, ‘Yo, I’m done with this. I'm finna just record myself flaming you,’ because we would just always go back and forth through the Xbox,” he told Complex. “Then I took my sister's laptop, downloaded Audacity, and I recorded myself over the beat. Then I uploaded it to SoundCloud.” That one-minute track, addressing his friend’s head shape, birthed the rest of his rap career.

It turns out that Lil Tecca’s Xbox friend wasn’t the only casualty of his new musical ability. During an interview with Adam22 of No Jumper, Lil Tecca revealed that he was he was also dissing other people in his school. That is, until his guidance counselor found out. Before the word spread to the masses, he deleted all of the tracks because he felt like people were snitching on him. Unfortunately, those diss tracks have never resurfaced.

Interestingly enough, Tecca’s guidance counselor found out that he was rapping before the rest of his family did. Lil Tecca’s sister found out first, because he used her computer to make the music, and she ended up spilling the news to his parents. “It’s not that I never wanted [my parents] to know, but it was more about how I was talking about inappropriate things and my parents aren’t having that,” he explained to Billboard. “I wanted to wait to a point where they could be like, “Oh, he’s actually good and making money.” But that’s not what happened because my sister told them.”

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