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Who Is Ali Gatie?

Who Is Ali Gatie?


With the SoundCloud swagger of Post Malone and the acoustic tenderness of Alec Benjamin, Ali Gatie is an intriguing anomaly. And we are here for him.

If you’re not familiar with Ali Gatie yet, you most certainly will be.

Seemingly plucked from obscurity, the 22-year-old Canadian R&B singer released his new single It’s You just last week. Within a matter of days he’s racked up over six million streams on Spotify, had Kim Kardashian feature a previous single on her Insta story, oh, and he finally got his blue tick on twitter.

He was born in Yemen but raised in Canada

Perhaps some of Ali's ability to touch listeners around the world has something to do with how much of it he's seen.

In 1997 Ali was born in Yemen to Iraqi parents. He spent a number of years of his childhood in Dubai before his family moved to Toronto, Canada.

Ali is very in touch with his Arab roots. He credits a lot of his music-making philosophy to the traditional Arab values of generosity and hospitality that his parents raised him with and he's never shy of speaking about his culture online.

He's previously taken to Twitter to explain the Muslim practice of Ramadan, he's mentioned his love for Arabic girls and he regularly shouts out Arab countries that engage with his music.

Since It's You's release last week, the track has gone #1 in Malaysia and most Arab countries.

He won BeatStars online song competition

When Ali was 20 he began working with local Canadian bedroom-producers and posting his tracks on SoundCloud and YouTube, organically growing a fanbase.

In 2017 he entered -and won!- RhymeStars, the world’s largest online songwriting competition.

RhymeStars is run by BeatStars - the digital marketplace for producers to license their work to artists around the globe. Side note, old mate Lil Nas X bought the Old Town Road beat from the platform for just $30.

Moonlight led to Ali's first taste of viral fame

After his RhymeStars win, Ali’s profile received a massive lift. When he dropped Can’t Lie in early 2018, the heartbroken R&B ballad gained some serious streaming momentum.

Then the soulful and intimate Moonlight came out in late 2018, taking the rising star to a new height. Moonlight has since received 24 million streams on Spotify. Ali's ability to capture that indescribable devastation after a relationship ends almost hurts the heart just listening to it.

He dropped the video for Moonlight just last month.

He once personally responded to 2000 fan messages on SnapChat in a single day

Ali has charmed fans all over the world with his sweet, genuine personality. Musically, he’s the kind of performer who makes everyone who hears him feel like they’re the only person he’s singing to.

And his online personality correlates with his music. Ali knows how to make you feel special. He is a natural-born relationship builder who understands the significance of an intimate gesture. the 22-year-old once personally responded to over 2000 fan messages on SnapChat - In just one day!

He also takes his fans' thoughts and opinions on board, making his fans feel loved and heard. Before he released It's You Ali asked his Twitter audience to help him pick the song title - with over 15,000 votes he went with the winning choice.

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