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Jennelle Eliana Goes Viral With 1 Million Subscribers In 1 Month

Jennelle Eliana Goes Viral With 1 Million Subscribers In 1 Month

Jannelle Eliana posted 3 videos on YouTube and became a instant celebrity. Why? Here are a few reasons why Eliana may have become popular so fast.

Update- People are saying she is a fraud, look into it if your interested.

  1. She has a interesting story. We all love interesting stories and she has one. She lives in a van with her pet snake. Her videos are about her van lifestyle and people are really into it.
  2. She is a pretty girl. She has model looks and that will definitely get the male viewers.
  3. She is good with the camera and editing. I'm not sure who does her camera work, but it looks professional.
  4. Each video seems to have some sort of theme. In her first video she introduced herself and in her second and third videos she talks about things like where she works and more. 
  5. She engages with her viewers. She seems to answer questions that she is getting from her viewers. They seem to be interested in how she showers, gets her mail and other things.
  6. You-tube loves interesting people. You-tube is about building unique channels and once you have established yourself as being unique, they will help you. I'm sure many of the views she received is because you-tube is recommending her channel.
I could be wrong but those are just my thoughts.

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