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Cameron Jay and S Da Don Interview With Spate Magazine

Tell us a little about how you guys started in music and how you linked up.

CAMERON JAY: I started writing and rapping at seven years old, but I took it seriously and made it a career when I was 24 or 25 years. That’s when I started recording music to put out original songs not just freestyles over other people’s instrumentals. I met S da Don at a showcase, and we linked up and always talked about doing a record together. I finally got him on my third project M.S.D.L. 3, and the response for the song was good. When we performed it, we got positive feedback so it made sense to see what we could do collaboratively.

S DA DON: I started rapping in Junior High School. I would listen to artists such as Jay-Z and Jadakiss. I would rap their lyrics and then put my spin on it. After a while, I knew I could come out with similar material on my own. The first song I ever wrote was in the 8th grade titled Heartbroken. Afterward, I started battling, and it was up from there.

Being from New York do you feel its harder to break your music?

CAMERON JAY: At times it does feel harder because of the natural nature of NY where it’s everybody for themselves, or if you like someone too much, you are dick riding them. Or, if you don’t like something you are a hater, so the support from people is hard until you show people that you are on, then they want to hop on the bandwagon and support.

S DA DON: Honestly it would be unfair of me to answer that question without being influenced by everyone else’s usual answer. I’ve never tried to break a record in the southern market or midwest market. I hear the stories that it’s easier in those markets. However, we hear maybe 15-20 southern artists in total if that. I’m pretty sure there are hundreds of artists trying to get heard there as well.

Tell us about the album and the producers involved? How long did it take to record it? Why did you choose these songs for the album?

CAMERON JAY: The album is a mixture of both our styles which blended pretty well on this one. With S Da Don’s rough Brooklyn intensity and then my laid back cool Bronx swag, it just meshed well. One of the producers was my guy M80 who I’ve been working with since my previous mixtape M.S.D.L. 2. However, most of the beats were from online producers. It probably took a month or two to record due to our schedule where we were both free but once we found the time it was quick. We both decided to do one record that we liked from each other’s last project that’s how Niggas Be Lying and On Everything came about. A lot of the other records once we found beats we tossed ideas back and forth to see what we thought about it and how we could attack the records.

S DA DON: The project is a collab album with Cameron Jay and Myself. We’ve been in talks for working together for years, but still had our solo projects to work on. His last project “M(oney) S(ex) D(rugs) and L(iquor) 3” and my last project “Therapy Session” were our main focus points. We finally met up in Xyayx Studios and started recording. The original title was “Money Sex Drugs and Therapy,” but the way the music was sounding the title didn’t fit. We decided to go with “On Everything,” which is both a record on his M.S.D.L. 3 and this project as well.

The songs felt right. We had about 10 beats and recorded 8 of them, and they fit the vision.

Who are you listening to right now?

CAMERON JAY: Right now I’m listening to lot more of the older stuff, here and there. I might like something that’s out now, but there are a few artists like J. Cole, Wale, Rick Ross, and Fabolous when their music drop they got my ear.

S DA DON: S Da Don And Cameron Jay. Lol. My go-to artists are Fabolous, Joe Budden, Drake, and lots of R&B.

What are some of your goals over the next 2 years?

CAMERON JAY: The next two years I would like to establish my company, Networth Enterprises LLC, and bring out other artists that I feel deserve a shot who are really talented and need to be heard. I also have plans to put together a tour and continue to build a wider audience. I also have plans for more clothing and maybe a podcast in the near future.

S DA DON: I have a few business plans I’d love to get off the ground in the time span of 2 years. My clothing line titled “Two Certified” being one of them, my real estate business to be BOOMING “Two Certified Estates” and to finally have a Fab feature.

How do you feel about a lot of the negativity involved with hip hop right now

like rappers going to jail, being involved with violence and gang activity?

CAMERON JAY: I do feel a lot of artists are targeted because of the content we provide showing guns, drugs and other illegal activity. They are going to follow us around hoping we slip and give them an easy arrest. And honestly it is hard to separate from the streets because you're so used to living that lifestyle, but as you’re gaining fame and notoriety, you have to start separating yourself, so you don’t have these troubles or misunderstandings.

S DA DON: I was born in 88, so I grew up in the 90s. There was gang culture all around me. This block was Blood, that block is Crip. Don’t wear these colors, or say that word. It was glorified when I was growing. When Dip Set came out everyone wanted to be blood. Cash Money was full of gang members, so it’s normalized for me. However, we all know what there is to come out of the lifestyle. More than likely death or jail, and we were taught this growing up. So I was sort of mentally prepared.

If you could get a major collaboration with a producer or artist who would that be with?

CAMERON JAY: Ryan Leslie both as an artist and as a producer I feel he is probably the most talented individual out.

S DA DON: If it were an artist I’d have to say Fab, Joe Budden, or Jamie Foxx. Producers would be Swizz, Timbaland, or Jus Blaze.

Any events or anything you would like to tell the fans about?

CAMERON JAY: April 6th I will be performing at Creators Con presented by Hyvaria at the Mes Hall in Mount Vernon. Follow me on social media at @CameronJayMusik and my company @NetworthEntLLC. Also, visit my website CameronJayMusik.com.

S DA DON: Please check out SDaDonMusic.Com for all of my updates




Thanks for your time and we will be following your music careers as you grow.

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