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#hiphopnews Female Hip-Hop Recording Artist T BARZ Releases Her Debut Album, "GENESIS"

Female Hip-Hop Recording Artist T BARZ Releases Her Debut Album, "GENESIS"

Female Hip-Hop Recording Artist T BARZ Releases Her Debut Album, "GENESIS"

BSE Recordings proudly announces the release of female Hip-Hop recording artist, T BARZ’s debut album, “GENESIS”. The highly anticipated album will be globally released on October 26th, 2018, via the BSE Recordings imprint. In support of the upcoming release of "Genesis", T BARZ stopped by CBS9 Great Day Washington TV morning show and performed the uplifting song, "Won't Be Long" lifted from the "Genesis" album.

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T BARZ has been making a mark in the Hip-hop world by slowly creating buzz surrounding her freestyle skills. The Alabama-born emcee is a force to be reckoned with. This past summer, T BARZ kicked-off her weekly freestyle series, “Barz on Thursdays”, and every week she kept listeners and hip-hop aficionado’s wanting more. The time has come for the world to get a taste of this lyrical queen.

“This has been something that I’ve wanted the world to hear for years. When I first started working on the album, I knew I wanted the end result to be what it is today. Genesis is me…from beginning to end and I am very proud of the work we have put into this project. A representation of me in music form with a bit of something for everyone to enjoy and relate,” says T Barz. “The unique album cover also symbolizes what this album means to me. The beginning. With this being my debut album, I wanted to come from the bottom and blossom into this beautiful tree filled with life. The graphic artist was able to bring my ideas and vision to life and I could not be happier,” adds Barz.

Standout tracks on “Genesis” includes the title track, “Genesis” where T Barz just simply flows on the track with no hooks, just barz. “The Life” is a vibe song as Barz was inspired by an almost summer day, 70 degrees to be exact, top down while riding on an old-school ride driving through the neighborhood thinking about those goals that you want to accomplish. Then, there is “The Illest”, the in-your-face song where Barz proves why she calls herself the illest lyrically and no one can tell her otherwise. On “Bottles” she touches on a topic that affects many of us in the community. Alcoholism. She lends her experiences on what she has witnessed with others and simply shares a word of encouragement to those that are facing this battle or have faced it in the past. “Won’t Be Long”, is what she calls her “healing song”. It’s the song that lets you know that in due time, things will be just fine, and no matter how long you think it takes, it will be fine.

“GENESIS” Tracklisting:
1. Genesis
2. No Label
3. The Life
4. Two Way
5. Get It Girl
6. The Illest
7. Bama Flow
8. I Wanna
9. Dunno Why
12.Won’t Be Long

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