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Fatboy SSE Gives Back With Laughter & Encouragement

Fatboy SSE

Fatboy SSE

I'm sure you've seen his videos online. He consistently makes fun of his weight but one thing you didn't know was he gives back in great ways. If you take a look at his instagram @fatboy_sse you can see he has amassed millions of followers. He is also benefiting from the fame by touring the country on his many bookings. You can see him in TV commercials and hanging out with some of your favorite celebrities but the thing that caught my eye the most was his heart.

He gives back in major ways by giving food, money and clothing to the less fortunate.

He is also an aspiring rapper and he wanted people to listen to his music. He Then started making funny videos to get some attention. It worked and now he is promoting his music to millions of his own followers. He worked hard posting on the regular basis until people started paying attention. Once he started making money, he began posting videos of him giving back.

This young man has my full support and when he is in NYC I will definitely go check him.

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