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5 Reasons You Haven't Launched Your Music Career Online by Antoine King

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With so many music artists launching their careers online there are still a few that may be struggling. I wanted to put together a few ideas that may help a struggling artist get moving in a better direction. Launching your music career online is a difficult path but its been done many times over. Check it out and I hope it helps.

1- Your not doing things that make you uncomfortable. So many artists launched their careers doing things they may not like. Fatboy SSE has millions of followers on instagram and he was motivated because people weren't listening to his music. He started making funny videos to get more followers so he could promote his music. He did what he had to do in order to get the attention. So doing things outside the box may help you get more attention. Don't be afraid to try new things.

2- Your not posting videos on the regular basis. Video is powerful and it is key to gaining tons of fans online. You need to post videos daily and if your not posting daily, it should be minimum 3 times a week. These videos should be music related, could be playing your music etc.. Doesn't matter as long as your engaging with your fans daily.

3- Your not collaborating with comedians or other popular up and coming artists on social media. Working with other people with help you tap into their fan base and vice versa. You can help each other grow.

4- Your not putting out enough content. Russ put out 11 mixtapes and wasn't able to build his fan base. Then he decided to release 1 song a week for 2 years and he built a strong following on Soundcloud. Fans subscribed because they were looking forward to his song that came out every monday. Fans subscribe to consistency. If you don't have consistency for a long period of time you won't develop a fan base.

5- Look at whats popular and try to incorporate that into your marketing plan. If the kids like to watch videos with gaming, incorporate gaming into your marketing. Get creative there are many ways to get the word out and people are waiting for your message.

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