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We predict 4 show styles that Blakkmoney x Signature Series Arts “ The Cypher Chamber “ can be about

Cypher Chamber

Battle Event

With the juggernaut industry that the battle game has become over the last decade it will make all the sense that both Blakkmoney Entertainment and Signature Series Arts will want to capitalize on the structure and create their own brand of battle events . We wouldn’t be surprise if this is what the Cypher Chamber is all about .

Rap Tournament

Giving the title reads “The Cypher Chamber” this event can be a one off to crown the top spitter booked . On directors Jay Sparrow Facebook it was posted a few days ago “ The Cypher Chamber is for authentic artist only “ . This can be a telling into what the event will harbor on the night . Artist spitting a number of versus aimed to eliminate one another .

An Open Mic

This is a long shot here giving Blakkmoney and Signature Series Arts never broke ground in the open mic industry , but theirs a first for everything . This can be a successful launch into a weekly event . With the signing of now director of talent acquisition Kentuan Banks to the Signature Series Arts company , this can mark the first open mic launch for the company .

Live Video Only production

With the utilization of Signature Series Arts events live production format , this event can as well be one big video shoot spotlighting the artist selected for the event . This will be a unique spin on the cypher events that’s been happening in the last 5 years and wouldn’t hurt the company to push the envelope a bit .

- Alanah Pearce

Time out New York

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