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The Best and Worst of #NoOxygenFest2

After a season long promotion dating back to early july , Signature Series Arts and BlakkMoney entertainment has put their 2nd annual event in the books . The much anticipated event for fall indie music lovers has now come and gone , and we give you the list of our favorite things and things that needed to be tweeked for the coined season finale .

The Venue
The venue that held #NOF2 was a huge step up from Fusion Hall in ozone park that previously housed SSA events . The newly designed moma museum Stage at L.I.C was a fit for any big show and was the perfect home for #NOF2 .

The Performers
On a bill that held 17 slots . The line up for this event was justified by the talent level . Several artist came out and really set a standard for a season finale performance . MMB , JOHN DA JAWN , D-STONE , BOYZ 4 LIFE , really shook the stage up and was definitely the energy of the show. Lady Vixen had to be the best coordinated female on any SSA bill this season . Her performance stood out and she was a perfect fit for the show. Atson who had an amazing asylums style entrance to the stage and Kassius Brikkz who had a dope performance really set the solo standard. Chase baker had an amazing closing set .

The Production
The production design was amazing and really was scoped in for this event. From the outside of the venue to the inside production was stellar and fitting .

The Crowd
The crowd for the most part was better than expected . Usually a big show equals big names which equals big artist egos which equals less crowd participation . This wasn't the case here . Although some artist didnt hold the attention like others the crowd was still good for those that did .

Sponsor Stage
QSJ Radio presented their first stage during #NoOxygenFest2 last friday and thier first artist to represent the radio streaming show was Eno Abasi and Boyz 4 Life . Traffic the host of the show presented the set. This was a strong pick as Eno abasi had a good following and Boyz 4 life all the way from CT, had a good set.

The Worst

Number of acts
17 was not SSA lucky number for performers . The acts were good but the show dragged out after the 11oclock hour. The audience became restless and thats not a fair crowd for acts after slot 10. This is the part of the show that becomes "cheer for who you came for". A shorter line up will defiantly feel better for this show.

Late Start
#NoOxygenFest2 was advertise for a 8:30 the live stream started at 8:15 but the show started 9:15 . That 45 minute layover bought the event to a 12:45 ending that was originally advertise for a 12:00 ending . This ran deep into overdrive and didnt provide the best feel for the closing acts .

During the beginning of the show the mics were out of sync with the audio . This could have been a distance problem but it was evident that acts 1-4 didnt get their fair share of mic time because of the sound system .

-Alanah Pearce
- Pic by - @Jaiel.perez

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