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5 things that could make #NoOxygenFest2 a memorable event

We are just days away from Blakkmoney Entertainment's sequel to their most successful event launch . #NOOXYGENFEST. Billed as the season finale of the year the perfect storm. With the collaboration with Signature Series Arts, this looks to be one of the premiere independent events on the east coast in a long time . There are many ways Blakkmoney and Signature Series Arts can make this a special sequel and we explore 5 ways how.

Suprise Major Guest
This here is a no brainer , Signature Series Arts have worked with major artist all season Casanova , Jay Critch , Mekado , Aaron Knight, Manolo rose . For the most part a guest performance with no prior promotion from any of them will be both surprising and make for a special moment down the line. To give this show the big feel it needs , it needs to have heavy hitters in the mix. The biggest names on the bill so far has been Chase Baker , Atson , and MMB. But the bill must be kicked up a notch to be a season finale .

Fresh Production
Blakkmoney Entertainment's is already a leader in live production. Their artist presentation has yet to be matched . But the structure has to continue to push the envelope in order for #NOF2 to feel different from the other shows. Its no longer a sell point to have visualisation at events if the visuals are stale and repetitive . This will be a major factor in how the show is received.

Bigger Venue
As announced by Signature Series Arts this weekend , #NOF2 will be held at the newly designed "Stage at L.I.C". This is hoped to be a step up from Fusion Hall which was architect eternally to be an event space by Signature Series Arts themselves. #NOF2 must be held at a presentable venue with an event space feel. Any other space will make it just an open mic feel for a finale. Which wont play well for the long run.
Headline - 5 things that could make #NoOxygenFest2 a memorable event
Host Engagement
After this past Summer's #NYCESBEVENT. In-house host Contessa Untamed and Mixxy Society Radio's Dizzy Brown did a stellar job up holding that event and keeping the audience engage. They are back for a round 2 of the scene and must make #NOF2 feel like the reel in of the season . Nostalgic acts usually hurt events , but Blakkmoney and Contessa Untamed has up held good live entertainment for years and looks to be in their honey moon phase still. With the card being longer than usual , good hosting will be key to the events durability.

Good Artist and Good Music
Above all else , #NOF2 is a music show, strip away the theatrics of the event and bring it to its raw form . Good music and good artist. This past spring's #GMITGCONCERT had better show production, but the Summer's #NYCESBEVENT had better artist. #NoOxygenFest2 has to be the perfect blend ... (storm) , of the two. A 4 hour show has to be justified with good music and entertaining artist. A Finale has to be doubled in delivery.

By : Alanah Pearce

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