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Karl Anthony Towns works out with teens at N.J. high school

(USA Today High School Sports)
Karl Anthony Towns is on vacation in New Jersey. That doesn’t mean he’s stopping his off season workout program.
Instead, the man nicknamed KAT spent some time during his miniature vacation on Wildwood Crest working out at Wildwood High School. According to the Wildwood Leader, an intermediary reportedly helped set up Towns’ workouts at the school with Wildwood principal Phil Schaffer. Towns and his trainer were let into the building by Wildwood basketball coach Scott McCracken, who brought along his daughters — both star basketball players at the school — and soon to be Wildwood senior Kyion Flanders.
“He couldn’t have been more cordial and nice,” McCracken told the Leader. “At one point, he kept yelling over at me laughing because he must have hit 20 or 25 (shots) in a row from way out. For a big guy, to be sitting on the perimeter doing that, it was awfully impressive.
“He and his trainer were great. They were very nice guys. The workout was very impressive. Watching him go through it, I know the kids got a lot out of it and so did I.”
Towns was back in New Jersey in part to connect with his roots, having spent his three high school seasons at St. Joseph. In his time at Wildwood High, he reportedly incorporated McCracken’s daughter Mackenzie, who will begin a collegiate career this fall, into a handful of drills.
It was a minor touch, but a very nice one by Towns and his trainer. They didn’t have to, which made both Towns’ workout and the way he incorporated the teenagers all the more touching.

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