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What It’s Like Being A Student In Aleppo

I was 18 when the war started. I had just finished high school and had plans to go to university to get a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I started at the university of Aleppo. But during my first semester, the university building was hit. Many of my classmates died and many more were injured.
Luckily, I was not physically harmed in the attack, but I was in shock. I did not feel safe to leave the house to go to class anymore, so I dropped out. It broke my heart to have to abandon my studies, because getting an education is very important to me. 
So I started looking for courses online. Unfortunately, I did not meet the language requirements for most of the programs, since they are usually in English. My English was not good back then.
But then I came across the University of the People: an online university that offers affordable and accessible education to students from all over the world. Since I am based in Aleppo, I was able to get a special scholarship. The University of the People has established a special scholarship fund for Syrians and refugees who cannot afford the university’s modest $100 examination fees.
For me, it has brought back hope. When I’m studying, it feels like I can leave the war behind.
My teachers check in with me to make sure I’m still alive

"I will not let any bomb get in the way of my education."

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