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Inside College Football: The 'big deal' Ohio State lawsuit, Alabama revelations

(CBS Sports)
Imagine Tim Tebow suing Florida or Earl Campbell taking Texas to court.
Think of face-of-the-program guys who help define not only a football team but a school.
Chris Spielman is that guy at Ohio State. Forget football for a moment, the former Buckeyes' star linebacker is one of the most respected individuals in the university's147-year history.
That's why it pains him so much to sue the school that allowed him to become a two-time consensus All-American and Lombardi Award winner (best lineman or linebacker)
The Ohio State banners are adorned rather conspicuously with a Honda logo. That sponsorship was supposedly sold to the auto maker by IMG, which signed a landmark $110-million deal with Ohio State in 2009. 
The deal included in-stadium signage rights.
Spielman and those former Buckeyes want their cut.
"They can use my likeness to promote the university, just don't put a corporate logo on it," Spielman said. "You're talking about a guy who has represented this university for 30 years, who has helped raise $20 million for his university..
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