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Spate Magazine Interview With The Founder Of Signature Series Arts

So tell the people a little about who you are and what you do.

Yurrr , It's the artist formerly known as Spa77ow from Signature Series Arts. I specialize in live event promotions primarily for music.

Tell us about your event promotion company Signature Series

Lets not forget the arts part , that's the most important part. Signature Series Arts . But we are event promotion organization . We craft events to promote local talent and get them exposed to both alternative indie scenes and the commercial scene . Our goal is to drive the creative appeal to the general public , providing the talent and their fans with a great live event experience . The trades i picked up on my own commercial tours and show experience i contribute it to the organization.

Whats next for you and what are some of your plans over the next 2 years?

To many people gone read this so ill rather show the supporters rather than tell them , you cool Antoine K. so ill let you know behind the scenes lol.

Who are some of the artists you really like that have performed at your shows?

WOW man oh man , i enjoyed every single talent that has built the signature house so far . Some talent are just undeniable guys like Atson , GQ Josh , Bigshot, Mekado and Frass . They defiantly prove to be the whole package from promotion to night of . They are true artist and stars. Their support is overwhelming and moving forward you will see and hear alot from them coming from our organization.

Who are you listening to right now?

Atson , Mekado , Lil Wayne , The frozen soundtrack , and the power rangers theme is on repeat on my device .

How can artists perform at your events?

Their is a submission process that artist have to go through , not because we Hollywood or anything but because how we promote we will need all the potential selected artist social media info in one place. We don't want to have to be calling and texting anyone to get info when we can just have it right there at our disposal. From there my team and myself select the acts that fits the theme of the event . For instance for our summer event July 21st "NYC Empire Strike Back' event at Fusion Hall (cheap plug) The theme is the comeback of the NYC sound . As reflected in the commercial era we're in . Our goal is to book talent that can reflect that sound and that visual theme.

Are you interested in anything outside of music like acting?

Not really , i have some acting credits to my name . Actually you can catch me in the "Streets of Rage" reborn movie coming out next winter . But i don't act , my director of the film Ruth Winns told me to show up on set, read the lines and deliver them just the way you are. He said i don't need to act , people should just film me being myself and there you have a scene . But other than that i don't look forward to acting anytime soon .

What made you start your own event?

Being a opening performer on that world Nike tour for the Lebron James "More Than A Game Movie" i saw a different side to events . I was always interested in the structure of the event rather than me having to perform. What I took away from that experience was that all live events are pretty much a Broadway play. Their is a structure from beginning to end. When the tour ended i was back on the independent scene performing and i was not happy with how things were there . People were paying to perform for the most unorganized promoters in the world . Paying to compete , Paying to not get introduced right , Paying to not be promoted right , Paying to perform for half houses and disrespectful host who are condescending to the talent . I wanted to change that . And that's what were doing . Our artist and talent understand the purpose of signature series arts that's why they enjoy being apart of our seasonal promotions and our supporters understand the value of what we do that's why we get the support we do.

What events do you have coming up?

We recently wrap up the promotion for our spring event "Get Me In The Game" . We now look forward to our Summer spectacle "NYC Empire Strikes Back" event . And of course there is our big event to close the season out this year . Details on that to be announced soon.

How can people learn more about your movement?

Come out to experience the events or simply live the experience by our performance library on the site www.SignatureSeriesArts.com

Also checkout www.spatetv.com, www.spateradio.com, www.spatepost.com,www.antoineking.com