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Linkin Park’s sound has evolved ever since they were formed in 1996, leading to their newest album One More Light. When asked by host Nikki Sixx what drives them to change, Mike Shinoda noted that every time he goes into the studio, he wants to learn and try something new, while at the same time expressing something that feels genuine, honest, and exciting. Chester Bennington added that for the first time in their careers, while working on One More Light they were more focused on the lyrics and melodies of the album, and added in sounds later in the process.
· This album is also the first time Linkin Park has written with co-writers, including Justin Parker, Julia Michaels, and Justin Tranter.
· The band discussed the meaning behind their newest hit “Heavy.” Chester Bennington noted that they were in the studio with Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, and he was having the type of day where he was stuck in his own head, getting in circular conversations with himself which for him quickly turns into depression, which turns into isolation, which turns into wondering what he’s doing and how he got to that place. Then, he sat back and thought of his great friends and how he does what he loves for a living, and decided that he is getting in his own way. Heavy is about that constant internal conflict, and the fight against that conflict. Mike Shinoda said that writing “Heavy” was extremely therapeutic.
· The band is about to go out on tour. Mike Shinoda is particularly excited for their upcoming show at Citi Field in New York, where they will be performing with Blink 182, Machine Gun Kelly, and Wu-Tang Clan. Snoop Dogg will be joining them for some west coast shows.
· Host Jenn asked the band about their nonprofit foundation, Music for Relief. Linkin Park was on tour in SE Asia in 2004, and when they came home and turned on the news, the same places they had just played were submerged under water and destroyed. They began forming the organization the very next day to provide aid after natural disasters occurred. They later realized that they didn’t just want to clean up after the disasters, they want to help prevent them from happening in the first place, leading to their environmental initiatives. They’re so thankful for the support that they’ve received from their fans along with other artists such as Steve Aoki, Zedd, Blink 182 and more.
· Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington stayed on stage for 20 minutes after the show ended, signing autographs and taking photos for fans.

Set List:
1. “Numb/Encore”
2. “Invisible”
3. “Burn It Down”
4. “Heavy”
5. “In the End”
6. “Talking to Myself”
7. “Battle Symphony”
8. “New Divide”
9. “Good Goodbye”
10. “Leave Out All the Rest”
11. “Somewhere I Belong”
12. “What I've Done”

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