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5 Reasons She Thinks Your Boring and She Dumped You


A friend of mine recently got dumped and after having a conversation with him I could see why. The guy never went anywhere and he confined his relationship to the living room of his apartment. I can see why any person would get tired of that, especially if they are young. So here are a few reasons he got dumped and if you follow his lead, you will get dumped too.

1- He was young and out of shape. When men are out of shape they tend to like to stay in the house, this is not good if you want to keep your women happy. Some women prefer to stay in the house but eventually they will want to go out. So you don't have to be in great shape but you should be presentable.

2- He wasn't that ambitious. Women love to talk about the future and prepare for better things. So if you are not on board they will definitely get bored, so create a few goals and accomplish so she can be impressed with your success.

3- He wasn't romantic at all. Women like to be swept of their feet so find out some things she has never done before and make it happen for her. For example: If she has never been on a boat, take her on a boat ride.

4- He always played the blame game. When she wasn't happy and complained he threw it back in her face that everything was her fault. The reason why the relationship was boring was because of her. Don't play the blame game, take her opinions into consideration and keep it moving.

5- He wasn't very thoughtful. You have to keep women interested in you by being spontaneous. That means giving her money for a new pair of running shoes or a new bag. Or giving her a gift certificate for her favorite store. These things show your thinking about her and about things that she needs.

So I hope you can see why he got dumped and you will too if you don't learn how to cater to the person you love.

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