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Spate Magazine Interview With Analogic

Hey Analogic, for those new to the name, who are you and what do you do?

I'm a multi genre music producer. I take in the world and it's inspiration and recreate it into my music

When did you start making music?

I started making music in 2003

When did you know this was the career you wanted?

I realized this from day one although it took some blood, sweat and tears.

Who were some of your musical influences and why?

Growing up some of my influences were Dj Premier, J Dilla, Pharrell, Quincy jones,

You recently moved to LA to pursue music full time, how has that journey been for you?

So far the journey has been amazing! So many great things have been happening since I moved out here

Let's start with your work with EPIC records recording artists KR. You produced 2 records on his 'It Could Happen' EP called 'I Deserve' & ' I Know'. How did you & KR Link and what was the chemistry like?

I met KR at a speaking engagement. I was on the panel talking to fellow songwriters and producers and he happened to be in the audience. We linked shortly afterwards and layed those records down. Chemistry was there from the start and worked well together

You recently started a very successful drum kit site called LGCKTS.com and have released some serious sound packages over last year. What made you go that route and how has the response been?

LGCKTS.com has been amazing thus far! I always enjoyed creating music and compositions from scratch so I decided to share my work with the world and present opportunities to fellow producers. Since then It has sparked some working relationships with some top notch producers such as, S1, supadups, the Olympicks and many more! The sample for the "triple platinum" record on Rick Ross new album "rather you than me" was also featured in my add-ems family sound pack vol.1. Make sure y'all go pick up my collections asap!!!

Lets discuss your involvement on the new Rick Ross Album, you collaborated with The Olympicks on 'Triple Platinum'. A track that Ross has spoken about on several blogs and sites. Take use through how you met The Olympicks, the collaboration and finding out you made the album?

I met the Olympicks at the Istandard beast of the beats in Atlanta in 2015 and was originally introduced to them by focus... well the first call came from Knox from the Olympicks. He was pretty much like "yo! Ross picked up the" " beat send the stems asap! Needless to say I was right on it lol! When they were in LA I Cooked up the keys and strings and they laid the drums and bass but we all had a creative hand in the record.

What did you learn professionally from working on this project?

I learned that it's good to have your legal team and management involved in the process from start to finish. This time around it was an easy process but sometimes it's not.

You have also collaborated with Grammy winning producers Focus... Larance from 1500orNothin, Supa Dups & More, what have you gained from the art of collaboration?

I've gained so much from collaborating. The end result is the best record possible and I collaborate more now than I ever have.

You recently started a production team with Luke Milano called SXYDRPS, how does that work differ from your personal sound?

First off Luka is one of my favorite producers he's a multi instrumentalist and he hears things that sometimes I don't. We went from "dope beat makers" to well rounded, multi-genre music producers. We're currently working with some of the industries future leading pop artists and we can't wait to share our music with the world!

You also work quite often with singer/songwriter Kaydence who recently signed a pub deal with sevencorners/bmg, take use through how you met and what you have worked on thus far.

I met Kaydence on IG. She direct messaged in 2014 and we hit it off right away! Since then she's become one of my best friends and musical inspirations . Besides the 50-100 ideas we have in the stash we've worked on several Indy projects and are continuing to grow as a team.

What's next on the agenda for Analogic?

Next up is the growth with sxydrps. That's my main focus right now, we are working on some really ground breaking music and I'm super excited about it

Where can we find you online?

IG: analogic360
IG: sxydrps
Twitter: analogic360

Any last minute shouts?

Big shout out to my manager Jason Hadshian BKA the hatchinator lol. He works his ass off and that in itself is very inspirational. Also shout out to the whole iStandard team you guys work very hard at what you do as well

High grade!

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Sorry not sorry but... more flames being thrown.

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