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Cassie’s Mom Calls The Cops On Diddy During Domestic Incident

There may be trouble in paradise. I really liked the Diddy and Cassie thing, hopefully they can work it out.

According to, cops were called to Cassie’s house in Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon, after an argument erupted between the couple.

Cassie and Diddy were supposedly sitting in a car when she told the mogul she wanted to end their relationship.

The news didn’t sit well with Diddy who took her cellphone looking for clues and bounced.

Cassie called her mom, who called the cops on Diddy.

Diddy returned returned home and gave Cassie her phone, but he apparantly took two cars parked in the driveway.

Cops showed up the scene at Cassie’s house and, no charges were pressed because Diddy gave her back her phone, but a domestic incident report.