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Facebook Live Tyler Perry Gives Hillary Clinton A Shout Out From Oval Office

Tyler Perry gave the first look on the set of his new TLC series, Too Close to Home. While in the “Oval Office,” Perry gives a huge shout out to Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton.

· A fan asks: I see you in the Oval Office, will you run for president? Tyler jokes that anyone can run for president these days and says that he’ll never run for President. The closest he’ll get to the Oval Office is this set.
· A fan asks: Have you taken into considering compiling some of your favorite Gospel songs into one album? “That would be really, really cool,” says Tyler.
· What mentoring advice do you have for all the “young Tyler Perry’s” around the world? Tyler says: I hope there are not Tyler Perry’s across the world, I hope they’re individual’s across the world by their own names across the world because I don’t you should try to live up to anybody else’s example….it should all be from you and your heart. Whatever’s for you, whatever you want to do, that’s what you should live up to.”