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5 Reasons You Should Be A Fan Of Royce Da 5'9

I've been a fan of Royce Da 5'9 since back in the days when he was signed to a major. His career never seemed to have skyrocketed at that point but he never gave up. He always made the music he wanted to make and he didn't give in to the labels saying he needed to make music for the radio. He always believed that bars will prevail even though his mentor Eminem made strong radio records.The main reason I have always been a fan is because of his stubbornness. He didn't give in and he makes the music he wants to make. He has even grown as a artist sharing his inner most thoughts and revealing things about himself he never did before. So here are the 5 main reasons we like Royce Da 5'9

1. He makes the music he wants to make

2. He is a living legend mentored by one of the greatest rappers of all time Eminem.

3. He is getting better with time. There was a point when Royce didn't speak on his personal feelings much and now he has added that to his arsenal.

4. He has admitted to battling with alcohol demons. Addictions are hard to overcome and face and he did just that. He is dealing with his mental demons.

5. He speaks his mind. If you ask Royce a question most of the time he will answer it without worrying about the repercussions. Some artists don't answer questions with fear it could hurt their career, Royce doesn't seem to be bothered about what people think.

Follow Royce and get to know his music he is a living legend, lets celebrate them while they are here.