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The Top 10 R&B/Pop Artists Right Now

Its only right to talk about who is on top of the R&B game. Tell us what you think.

1- Justin Beiber- This is a no brainer awards and hit records all day

2- Rihanna- She is the hottest singer right now her single "Work" is killing the charts and you don't even understand what she is saying.

3- K. Michelle- She is killing it on TV and she is selling records.

4- Tory Lanez- The Rapper singer is making hits

5- Alessia Cara- She is on the charts and has a fresh new sound

6- The Weeknd- The hitmaker and collaborator

7- Beyonce is always the queen even though she doesn't have a hit out at the moment.

8- Jeremih seems to bang out a hit every once in a while

9- Adele is just on top

10- Tyrese released great album and he works hard all the time

Honorable mention to Bruno Mars


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