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Spate Magazine Interview With Taimak

We got a chance to chat with actor/model Taimak about his new book and other projects he is working on. He is best known for his leading role in the movie "The last dragon".

For the fans that missed you on film, are you working on any new film or tv projects?

My book has poems, snippets of two screenplays I've written; "The Professor" a superhero story about a philosophy professor with a dark past and a detective story called "I've Seen Things". At the end of the book is an attempt to showcase a possible sequel to The Last Dragon called "Guardians of The Glow". It's a story that can stand on it's own merits rather than trying to copy the original.
I'm in discussions with Kerry Gordy, Berry Gordy's son, who's partial owner of the property, about the possibility of it coming into fruition. Sony is also a part owner and would have to come on board as well.
As of right now I'm on the book tour generating myself and my career.

What can people learn from your new book?

On the set details about TLD shoot, before during and after. Where and how I grew up, my parents, my martial arts background, my motivations, my relationships with women, my experience growing up in Europe, my thoughts about race and much more:)

I noticed you're involved with a lot of charity work, tell us about your charities.

More giving my time than charity; I don't look at it as charity, it's more integrity to me. Motivating young people to have a vision where there may not be one with them is important for me, but more important for humanity. I deliver a seminar that has young people make the connection between their dreams and the school work. It's an inspiring, eye-opening event for them where the school has them watch TLD at home or at the school and then I come visit them.

Sometimes when actors are involved with such big hit movies like "The last dragon" they get typecast and
can't really remove themselves from certain characters. Was that a problem for you in Hollywood?

Not really. My issues had more to do with not understanding the business side of Hollywood, And not being prepared to deal with egos as well as not completely understanding myself. I think the most important thing is to understand oneself. So being typecast can be eradicated once someone knows what they can do with their talents.

What are some of your new goals over the next few years?

Meet an amazing woman that I will spend the rest my life with, make some great films that inspire my fans and beyond, learn another language, travel, cook more, deepen my relationship with my family. Watch my beautiful nieces grow up.

There is a major problem in Chicago with gang violence and guns. What can we do to change
some of these problems that are happening in Chicago?

Small and big steps towards a state of gratitude. Create a world in your mind that isn't there already and give your life to it.
Be bigger, do what your heart tells you, face your fears and be willing to die for it. Otherwise it will continue to go on, until you can put your life on the line nothing will change. Don't blame anybody, become an activist for peace and love. Inspire all spectrums; attorneys and spiritual leaders to join you on your quest to make your dream come true.

Does spirituality play a part in your success?

Being someone that takes responsibility for their entire life, the good and the bad is how I live.
I'm more interested in how I am being and how people are treating me, that trumps everything to me.
Some say "I'm spiritual or I'm religious", but I'm more impressed by people who don't spend a lot of time talking about being spiritual and more time just being the best people they can be and that's what I try my best to do.

How can people find you online and where can they purchase your book?

www.amazon.com OR www.barnesandnoble.com (search taimak last dragon)

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