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10 Rappers That Are At The Top Of The Music Game Right Now

Its only right that we give props to the top hip hop artists right now. The people that are headlining big tours and raking in that crazy paper.

1- Drake- Drake gets the number one spot because he is doing everything. Tours, liquor, clothing you name it and the music chart topping.

2- Future- Future is making waves on the music front and he has teamed with Drake to make a few hits.

3- Bryson Tiller- The singer/rapper received the key to his city and he stays on the charts.

4- Kendrick Lamar- Lamar doesn't make radio records but his albums sell and he is very well respected as a lyricist.

5- J. Cole- Like Lamar Cole doesn't make radio records but the bars keep him on top.

6- Young Thug- I'm not a big fan and I never listened to his full album but he is selling and he's on top of the game.

7- 2 Chainz- Chainz knows how to make radio records and he still manages to keep his street credibility.

8- Fetty Wap- Known as the radio guy, the hit maker however you put it his songs stay on your mind.

9- Yo Gotti- Gotti is making records that people like.

10- Macklemore/G- Eazy these two guys land at number ten because they are making powerful music and people are digging their style.