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Stephen Curry Outselling Everyone But Jordan

I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. Curry has been killing those three pointers and he is starting a new generation of three point shooters. I can remember when everyone wanted to dunk like Jordan, now everyone wants to shoot like Curry

It's no secret that Steph Curry's Under Armour sneakers are putting numbers on the board. In the fourth quarter of 2015 alone, Under Armour made $1.17 billion, a figure that can be attributed in large part to a 95 percent increase in footwear sales driven by Curry's signature line. That much is known, but what if we told you Curry was actually moving more sneakers than LeBron James?

As reported by Quartz, an analyst at financial firm Morgan Stanley says Curry is currently selling more sneakers in the U.S. than LeBron James and every other active player. In fact, the only person who's ahead of Curry right now is His Airness himself. "UA's signature Stephen Curry basketball shoe U.S. business is already bigger than LeBron, Kobe and every other player except Michael Jordan,” Morgan Stanley said.

According to Morgan Stanley's data, Curry's sneaker sales have seen an immense surge in the last two months, bringing his projected 2016 sneaker sales to $160M. Meanwhile, LeBron is slated to fall just shy with $150M. The drop-off from there is a drastic one, and Kobe Bryant rounds out the group with an estimated $18M in sales.