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Spate Magazine Interview: Pretty Lyon

We got a chance to catch up with Pretty Lyon. Check the interview out below.

When did you start rapping?

- I started rapping 6 years ago with my best friend Royal T. We created the group DT DoubleTrouble before I went solo.

Do you have a team of producers or production team?

-Yes I do, Solo Creators, MackCali Productions (visuals) and Silk City Lab Productions are where the majority of my magic is created.

How do you feel about the climate for females in hip hop right now?

-Its pretty cold lol. When it comes to female hip hop artist, there are tons and tons of extremely talented women out there but now more than before, females aren't being let into the top tiers of the game. Either that or we just aren't coming hard enough, which i don't think is the case.

Nicki Minaj was the only female rapper nominated for Grammy how do you feel about that?

- Hmm to be nominated for a Grammy, means you put in that WORK! I can say that Nicki Minaj's work ethic is phenomenal so it is well deserved. Thinking of the current female rappers, I honestly can't think of anyone else that should have been nominated along side Nicki.

Whats the next steps for your movement?

- MARKETING! Really just getting my name, my face and of course my music to a larger crowd. I've found my voice and I'm at the point where going to events, networking and being consistent is a major key.

What makes your music unique?

- At first listen, my voice is captivating and refreshing. You can tell its raw authentic talent. I don't continuously rap about your typical "female rapper" topics, I tell stories, I give you something to relate to, I give you fun, you know, just a well rounded package. I am not one to boast but MOST female rappers can't do what I do but I am diverse I can do what they do (if I wanted to) & still be true to the lane I'm creating.

Why do you think its so hard for females in hip hop?

- Its always been a male dominated industry. As a male artist, you don't have the same stipulations a female does. It's like walking on egg shells. As a female artist & a rapper at that, we have to not only have bars, flow, and good music but then we have to maintain a certain level of respect. You have to watch what you say, how you say it, what you wear, who you associate yourself with, your attitude (being stern and knowledgeable can come off as you being bitchy) and sooooo much more. I've heard the opinions of female rappers from a male perspective and lets just say we would have a whole lot to talk about if we address that. Lol

Do you want to sign with a label or do the indie thing for a while?

-While being indie is the new wave and in my opinion is one of the best routes to take if you have the right resources, when it comes to my current situation, I totally wouldn't mind being signed to a major label. Of course the deal has to be right but yea I am almost certain a label will be able to solve the minor issues I'm facing.

Do you have any events coming up?

-Yes, March 10th, I am hosting a party at Stage 48 in NYC, each and every Friday night, from 8pm-10pm, I am one of the radio personalities at F.L.O Empire, Were Radio. My team are in the works of setting up shows in the tri-state area. Everyday is something new, so please stay to up to date with my movement.

How can people find you online?

-www.soundcloud.com/pretty-lyon, www.IAmPrettyLyon.com, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook- @IAMPRETTYLYON

Do you have any shout outs?

-Shout out to my team 2borosEnt, SoloCreators, MackCali Productions, SLC Productions, my WERERadio Fam, each and every upcoming artist really grinding and of course Shout out to everyone who genuinely believes in me and supports me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!