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5 Reasons You Should Get To Know Tone Trump

I'm pretty sure buy now you know who Tone Trump is but if you don't here are a couple of reasons you should get to know him. Tone Trump has been popular in Philly for years. He was signed with some of the biggest names in hip hop such as G-Unit and Young Jeezy. Tone Trump has built of this amazing momentum that was years in the making. So here are a few reasons you should get to know him.

1- He was in the Biggest movie of 2015 "Creed" playing himself

2- He drops new music and videos on the regular basis. He also has a book and movie coming soon

3- He always has positive words for his fans. Tone Trump is a Muslim and in a world where Isis seems to outshine all the billions of positive Muslims he stands by the religion and always downplays Isis and the negativity that comes with it.

4- He is always involved with cool stuff. Not only is he a popular rapper, actor and more. He is branding himself in other areas also, such as fashion, mobile apps and more.

5- Major media is catching on to his grind. Tone Trump has been featured on TMZ a few times and that means he is on his way to becoming a household name.

So hopefully you got to know Tone Trump a little better and you have a few reasons to follow his grind.

You can follower Tone Trump on instagram @tonetrump and twitter @tonetrump