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5 Reasons Jay Electronica Hasn't Released A Album Since Being Signed In 2010

Jay Electronica signed with Roc Nation back in 2010 or so. He still hasn't released an album 6 years later. It makes people wonder whats the hold up? I have a few answers.

1. Fear of failure. There is a lot riding on Jay Electronica's success and he knows if the album drops and it fails his time is done. Not dropping a album is a way of extending his 5 minutes.

2. He is too busy talking junk on periscope. He recently got caught talking smack about Kendrick Lamar and even threatening 50 cent. Does anyone even care with no album.

3. He is still enjoying that Roc Nation check. We don't know the terms of the Roc Nation deal but he been living off that check for like 6 years so it must have been damn good.

4. The Asiatic black man Muslim is over in Europe fornicating with rich white women. Allegedly Jay Elec was dating Kate Rothschild who reportedly is worth 300 million.

5. He feels he can't live up to the hype. Jay Electronica has been the talk of hip hop for the past few years. Ever since he released his Act 1 back in 2007 almost 10 years ago. He was the hottest rapper out without a album or even a full mixtape. That can be a lot of pressure. I'm sure he is intimidated by his own success.

So I'm not sure if we will get a Jay Electronica album but if he keeps waiting the world won't care.


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