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Boy George Coming With New Projects In 2016

The Culture Club

Boy George Hailed as one of the pioneers of the New Romantic era in the music industry, Boy George continues to re-invent himself today, whilst keeping his iconic sense of style and outlandish persona that the public are so fond of. Other than fronting the iconic 80’s band Culture Club, the popstar has proved his worth in other industries including fashion, literature, musical production and as a contemporary DJ. Having recently been picked by the BBC to appear as a judge on the broadcaster’s hit show The Voice, Boy George has made an explosive comeback onto the UK’s music scene for 2016.

Boy George (named just George as a child) was born in the early sixties in Kent. He was one of six to his two Irish parents, and immediately started to break free from the mould of social norms. He quickly became an avid Bowie worshipper, who consequently had a lot of influence on his music, and following in the icon’s footsteps he started to experiment with his style – something he would later become universally recognised for. Growing up in the sixties and seventies, the pop star made his debut in the spotlight as the lead singer of new wave band Culture Club. And it was initially his androgynous sense of style that got him noticed by music execs, who assisted him in the beginning to his career in music. Having brought us cult classics such as Do you Really Want to Hurt me and ‘Karma Chameleon’, the band are very much engrained in the UK’s music history. Four albums and numerous tours later the pop band are considered one of the greats of the late 70’s and 80’s. As well as establishing himself as an icon amongst the British music scene, Boy George has proved himself in other areas. He’s been a bestselling author with his two autobiographies, ‘Take it Like a Man’ and ‘Straight’, exposing not only his outlandish lifestyle, but that he has the talent to write with feisty wit and ruthless honesty, making both autobiographies an enthralling read.

The popstar, in more recent years, has become a very successful songwriter and producer in the musical world. He co-wrote and performed in the award winning musical ‘Taboo’, set in 1980’s London – a period which Boy George is completely familiar with. The success of the musical took the show to London’s West End, and even across the Atlantic to New York’s, Broadway.

Boy George’s very experimental and personal sense of style has, in part, made him the icon he is today and often referred to as the pioneer of the popular androgynous look. Therefore it seems only natural that he runs and designs for his own fashion brand ‘B-Rude’, which has featured in fashion weeks in New York, Moscow and London.

In more recent years Culture Club have played various reunion shows, bringing together original and new fans all over the world, from America to Australia. After 16 years apart Roy Hay, John Moss, Boy George, and Mikey Craig reunited on these tours to create a show of true 80’s nostalgia – as a result they received rave reviews globally. In addition to these reunion shows Boy George’s agent has also had him working with contemporary artists such as Mark Ronson, featuring on his debut album in the hit ‘Somebody to Love Me’, which took him to perform in 2011 at the Brit Awards and MTV Ibiza Party. Boy George’s ability to adapt and change with the multi-faceted music industry is second to none, so it’s not surprising that he is now a well-respected DJ and performs to crowds around the world. He has graced the stages of iconic venues in Ibiza, such as Space, and also regularly DJs on home soil in London. Whilst incorporating Culture Club classics, the 80’s icon is undeniably a very talented DJ and produces a relevant but classic sound. Having been involved in music production for the past 4 decades, Boy George has been very much associated with house music, ranging from 80’s acid house to the more contemporary electro and techno genres, making him an exceptionally relevant artist today.