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5 Ways To Lose Weight For The Holidays

Everybody seems to gain a few pounds around the holidays but here are a few ways to actually lose weight. Most of the time its hard to monitor the calories we are taking in on the holidays but here are some easy ways to get started.

1- Drink lots of water. Water cleans the body and it helps to get rid of the excess salt and other stuff that put on pounds. Drink at least 8 glasses a day.

2- Load up on fatty foods on a single day and the other days eat high protein and low carb and fat. Most people eat what they want everyday but save that for christmas day. On Christmas eve and the days after stick with meat and veggies.

3- Drink green tea. Green tea has tons of anti oxidants and will help get rid of all the excess stuff your body doesn't need.

4- You can even fast on Christmas eve. Try making some home made juice and have that for breakfast and then only eat one small meal in the evening. Then Christmas day eat what you want. The day after Christmas eat what you want again but for the rest of the week stick with a high protein meat and veggies meal.

5- Make more veggie and meat meals. Try to stay away from the cake, cookies, pies, bread and other carbs. Try choosing one. For example: Make a apple pie and make that the only carbs served. Serve your meat with salad and veggies. Let the apple pie be the only carb.

Hopefully this will help you drop a few pounds for the holidays.


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