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Tyler The Creator Responds To Hodgy Beats

Earlier this year, Tyler, The Creator made it clear Odd Future is no longer as tight of a group as it once was. Fellow members Earl Sweatshirt and Matt Martians also spoke about the collective needing to move on. The outcome from this weekend’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival further confirmed the original OFWGKTA is pretty much done for now.

Tyler took the stage of his festival and told the crowd, “N*ggas got me f*cked up. I put too many n*ggas on. I helped too many of my motherf*cking friends out, and n*ggas gonna come foul? You know who the f*ck I’m talking about n*gga. And yeah this is getting real. I love you though.”

It was unclear which person Tyler was referring to, but former OF rapper/producer Hodgy Beats also used his set at Camp Flog to address his issues with an unnamed individual. The MellowHype and MellowHigh rhymer later jumped on social media and called out Tyler by name. Hodgy even referred to him as a “fraud.”

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