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Your favorite athlete makes over $1000 per character on twitter

While we try to DM hot girls and tweet a bunch of stupid stuff on twitter. Ball players are making tons of cash.

According to Opendorse, a company which "specializes in executing and monetizing digital and social media campaigns for athletes," one sponsored tweet from LeBron is worth $139,474. Or, if you want to feel a little more disgusted, it comes out to around $1,000 per character.

"We're basically saying that the value of one LeBron tweet is worth $140,000," said Opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence. "And with that, you will reach 23 million people. It would cost you five times more to reach that many people with a TV ad."

James' media value is more than double the next athlete, Kevin Durant, who comes in at $66,553 for one sponsored tweet. Kobe Bryant ($42,389), Floyd Mayweather ($34,924) and Dwight Howard ($34,290) take up the remaining top five spots.