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Spate Magazine Interview with Eitan Noyze

Hey Eitan Noyze! For those new to the name, where are you from and what do you do?

I am a native New Yorker; born in the borough of Manhattan. I lived there until I was 4 and then moved to Westchester. At 18 I moved out to Long Island, and then at 24 I moved to my current residence in Queens. I am a DJ and a producer.

When did you know that music was your calling?

I was always a fan of music since a young age, but in my early preteen years I was at a party where I witnessed a DJ have complete control of a crowd and it amazed me. When I finally DJ'd my first party I thought about how dope it could be if the music I rocked was my own. At that point out I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

Where did you find musical inspiration as you grew up in the game?

Mad people inspired me, life in general inspired me. I found inspiration everywhere, listening all types of music digging in record stores. Also other DJ's/Producers in the game such as Marly Marl, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, The X-Ecutioners, just to name a few. Hip-Hop in the 1990's and early 2000's was very inspiring.

Let's talk about the new record by Styles P & Snyp Life that you produced called 'So Superb' - how did you link with SP & Snyp? What is the feedback like thus far?

I met Styles P through my mentor Dragan "Chach" Cacinovic who engineered most of the Ruff Ryders/D-Block music. When Chach heard some of the music I was working on, he thought Styles would sound good on one of the records, and I couldn't agree more. So through his connection he made it happen. After Styles P bodied his verse, it only felt right to get the homie Snyp on it. The feedback thus far has been extremely positive and encouraging. People have came up to me and thanked me for what they say is a refreshing dose of real NYC hip hop amidst the music currently being played on the mainstream.

The video seemed like a real organic NYC hip hop record, how do you feel about where NYC hip hop is right now?

I feel like NYC hip hop doesn't sound like real NYC hip hop anymore. Most of the upcoming artists I hear are following the trap trend, and that's cool and there's a place for that, but if everyone from NYC is doing it, then what is NYC supposed to sound like? For the few that are carrying on the tradition with real lyrics and original style I salute you.

You are a double threat- a DJ & a Producer. Is their any difference in the preparation or creative process between the two and how does each help you within the other?

I am very passionate about DJing and Producing, and I think that they go hand in hand. Being a DJ first, led me to become a producer. As a DJ I listen to many genres of music and was exposed to different sounds, and with beat juggling I was essentially making my own patterns. As a producer I get to take those sounds, and beat juggles, manipulate them and bring it to another level.

I met you as a DJ for my homie Worldarama, how did you guys link? What is the stage chemistry like?

We met at a club in NYC. I was there and saw DJ Mista Sinista from the legendary X-Ecutioners who I approached as a fan. Worldarama noticed my enthusiasm while talking to Mista Sinista and asked me what I did. I told him I DJ/produce and he told me he rapped. After I listened to Worldarama's music I discovered that Mista Sinista used to DJ for his group Ill Distracxion/Insane Psycho Home. We approached one another with a mutual respect for the other's craft and the rest has been history. We have a new EP out called "Whatever You Want From Me," and have been touring this project around the east coast. When World and I hit the stage we have fun. We love what we do and have great stage chemistry, giving the audience an authentic hip hop show with Emcee and DJ.

As a producer, what else can we look for from you next?

I am working on a sequel to "Listening Skills" a beat tape I released in 2013. Also, I just built a new studio "Brooklyn Noyze Lab" in Williamsburg Brooklyn, so I am open to working with new artists.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me @eitannoyze on all social media, and my website

Any last shouts?

Shout out to all my family,friends, and fans that been supporting the movement.