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J. Hatch Interview with "Compton" Producer Focus

Co Founder J Hatch (in the wee hours of the morning Aug 7th) reached to out to the various producers who contributed to Dr. Dre's highly anticipated Compton album (which was inspired by the Straight Outta Compton full length feature film) to give fans some insight on the creative processes in making the album.

As you know many doubted Dre's promise of Detox but he definitely delivered a production classic to the world with Compton. One of many interviews to come over the course of the week, J Hatch talks with iStandard Client, family member and 2x Grammy winning producer Focus... about his input and creative experiences with Dre.

Hey Focus...congrats on your 6 recent placements. What are the titles of the various songs you produced on Dr Dre's 'Compton'?

I was involved in the production of the Intro, Loose Cannon, Issues, Deep Water, One Shot One Kill, and Medicine Man...

How did you connect with Dre and what was your experience with him in the creative process?

I was signed to Dre back in 2001 so the relationship was there. Ty (Aftermath's A&R) played some music I was working on for Dre and, literally, the rest is history...

Can you share anything with readers about what your inspiration was while molding the tracks for this project?

Being honest, it was important to me to give Dre what he wanted and especially what he expected from me. No real secret or mystical energy... lol

What can you tell the readers about Dre's vision and work ethic in making 'Compton'

He was super inspired and incredibly motivating to and for the team...

What do you think listeners will say after listening to your tracks specifically?

They probably will not recognize my sound at all because I collaborated with some amazing people. Dre directed us in the way we needed to go and he allowed us to really tap into an artistic element with each composition...

What is next on the production horizon for Focus...?

Whatever is on the table. I really want to try my hand at mixing as well. Hopefully, this project will allow this transition to take place...

Thanks bro

No. Thank you...