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Spate Magazine Exclusive Interview With Nino Khayyam

Is Nino Khayyam your stage name also your real name?

Nino Khayyam: Mahlik "Nino" Khayyam. My first name is Arabic & Nino is my middle name & how most people know me... figured it be easier.

Where are you from? Are you a native to Brooklyn?

Nino: I am from Brooklyn, NY but my parents have African French ancestry/ Latin ...

You have a lot going a rich heritage therefore many different perspectives

Nino: Yep

What made you want to make music?

Nino: I didn't like what I was hearing out there. so I wanted to end the silence that was happening in my house and fill my home with some different music

Your music lol I feel that.. So who are some of the artists that inspire you?

Nino: My top five is Pac of course; Nas, Ghost Face, Meek Mill & Stack Bundles

Interesting.. You have a mix of the legendary and new school. Its a shame about Stack and now recently the death of Chinkz

Nino: Yes two young black men with such potential gone. R.I.P Stack, R.I.P. Chinlz

How did you get your start in the business?

My homie Justin Estill NYC night life promoter had me on scene & then I met Ty Fyffe & Bondz thru other channels & made a record "FWN" it was underground hit so I decided to continue

That's dope Ty Fyffe is a legend in the game how was it like working with him

Nino: It was dope man I mean he knows what it takes to make hit records and he brought a lot out of me.

Do you think it is best to remain independent or have a major deal?

Nino: Staying indie is cool you get maintain control & get better percentage of the pie, but that Major LOOK is the wave... I rather have 10% of a mill than 80% of a dollar... the majors just have further reach & more avenues & resources for artist

Facts.. So what are your long term goals. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Nino: Man I'm just gonna build a legacy for my people & leave dope art behind for the people.

And in the short term?

Nino: Crush every beat ... Catch 187s in the booth..

What do you think about the state of the music industry today?

Nino: Music is evolving.. I mean I don't know if today's music has same staying power as; quote unquote "The Golden Age of Hip-Hop". And with social media the market place is overly saturated .. But I think alot of dope music is being made & the access to the public & your fans through social media allows for more artistic freedom

Yes there is a lot of dope music you just have to look for it sometimes..

What is the concept behind your new single "Movie" and how do you feel it is being received so far by the public?

Nino: It's about making your life like a movie... Living every minute to the fullest...I just wanted to inspire people to GO get it ..

I feel you last question..
Being from Brooklyn, New York, are you a Knicks fan or a Net Fan?

Knicks... Since back in the Ewing, Starks, Oakley era... I was craccing with Melo, Shum & JR but they couldn't get the job done

What do you think about the free agent moves made by Phil Jackson so far?

Nino: B.S. ...no need to elaborate

ahahaha I feel you. Well thank you for sitting down with us today wish you all the best and keep sending us music.

Nino: No doubt thank you as well and will do.

Website: www.ninokhayyammusic.com

Twitter: @NinoKhayyam

Instagram: @NinoKhayyam



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