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50 cent ordered to pay after he loses court case in sextape battle

50 cent is taking a big hit for a joke he played on Rick Ross baby mother. It is said that he bought the tape from her boyfriend and she said it was ok to put it out. The tape came out and she claimed it was 50 cent that released it. She originally wanted 20 million but for some reason it was reduced to 5.

The mom, Lavonia Leviston, broke down in tears while clutching the hand of her lawyer’s wife as the jury returned their verdict against the rapper — $2.5 million in damages for violating her civil rights for using her image without her permission, and $2.5 million for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Those figures could be multiplied next week, when the jury weights punitive damages against the “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” star.
Source: NY Daily News