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50 cent and Jake Gyllenhaal cover Vibe Magazine

Vibe Magazine

Here’s an excerpt where they talk about Eminem’s musical contributions to the film.

But it was also one of those things where you had to kind of wait and see because Eminem was attached to it.
50: In the very beginning, yeah. I actually spoke to Em about the project and this was like two days ago. I talked to him and he was like, ‘Yo, Jake looks fuckin’ crazy in that movie. I’m glad it worked out the right way. It went the right way.’ When you’re around something, you’re reading it and you’re comfortable with the material. And then you actually see it on the screen and you go, ‘Damn. Look at this.’ You see all of the creative choices from the talent, from the actors….it’s connected to it. There are points where there’s a lot of improvisation in the actual script at the same time, so it’s not exactly what was on the page. When you watch it, it’s like, ‘Yo!’ It’s a whole ‘nother experience even if you’ve read the script.

Read the entire first segment over at VIBE. The trailer for Southpaw can be seen below. Do remember it hits theaters swinging on July 24, 2015.


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