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Chris Brown for iHeartRadio Live at the iHeartRadio Theater LA (Pics)

Photo Image by Getty Images and Iheart Radio

On Friday, June 19, Chris Brown gave fans a peek at what they can expect to see on the recently announced his One Hell of a Nite Tour during his iHeartRadio Live performance at the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles. T.I. started the party opening for Chris and performed classics like “Bring’em Out” and “Live Your Life.” Hosted by Big Boy of L.A.'s hip-hop and R&B station Real 92.3, the event included an intimate Q&A about the upcoming tour. The event will broadcast across iHeartMedia Urban and CHR-Rhythmic radio stations nationwide TONIGHT; stream for fans on iHeartMedia Urban and CHR-Rhythmic radio station websites as well as at 10:00 p.m. local.

Highlights from the evening include:

· T.I. kicked off the party performing “Bring’em Out” before transitioning to “24s.”
· T.I. got the crowd going by encouraging them to be better than they were yesterday before singing “Live your Life”
· Chris started his set with an EDM remix of “My Type of Party” followed by him throwing his hat into the crowd.
· Chris sang a crowd pleasing acapella medley that included the songs “Take You Down,” “New Flame,” “With You” and ended it with “No Bulls**t”
· Chris wowed the crowd with a dance breakdown and followed with fan favorite “Loyal.”
· Big Boy closed the show with a Q&A about the upcoming tour and his inspiration for his music
· Big Boy jokingly asked what the inspiration behind his hit song “Loyal” to which he answered that it was about random girls in the club and that men can be just as guilty.
· Big Boy joked that his wife never comes to anything but she came out for Chris Brown
· Big Boy asked if his life has changed since his daughter was born, to which he responded: “My main focus now is my daughter first and then my music.”
· Big Boy confessed that his favorite Chris song was “Yo (Excuse Me Miss).” He proceeded to dance and sing along with Chris

T.I. Set List
1. Bring’em Out
2. 24s
3. Mediocre
4. Whatever You Like
5. G-Shyt
6. WTD-Popping Off
7. Live Your Life
8. What You Know
9. About The Money

Chris Brown Set List
1. My Type of Party
2. You Know What I Came To Do
3. Only
4. How Many Times
5. Take You Down
6. New Flame
7. With You
8. No Bulls**t
9. Poppin
10. Ayo
11. Loyal