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Spate Magazine Interview with J. Littles

Hey J. Littles, let everyone know where you are from and how you got started as an emcee.

I'm from Hudson County in new Jersey, I reside in North Bergen to be exact and I got started as an emcee in 4th grade by writing poems to girls as a way to run game. I noticed I had a gift with rhymes and started trying to write raps after studying and listening to different rhyme patterns from Big Pun and Big L then tailoring my own style and delivery...

When did you know this is the career path you wanted and who were some of your main influences?

I knew this is the path I wanted after killing my homegirls house party when I was a freshman in high school. Everybody was amazed and the love I recieved afterwards was humbling and an indication that I should take my gift seriously and try to make the most out of it.

Being Latino in the world of hip hop there are only a handful of emcees that have represented your culture that have made it to the mainstream music scene, how do you intend to do so and who have been your biggest influences thus far?

My biggest influence from the Latino culture was undoubtedly Big Pun. Belive it or not Pitbull is also a big inspiration because of what he was able to do with his career being a Latino artist. It showed me the sky is not the limit and how wide Latinos are spread out over the world. I intend on breaking into the mainstream scene by being myself and making music that makes sense that the world can relate to. Most importantly I will continue to be myself, and true to my roots. You will hear and see alot of representation of my culture in my sound and visuals that will gain the hearts of my Latin people and also make them proud.

Lets talk about your project 'The 7 day Cleanse', what was your creative approach to putting this together and who can we expect as features and producers for the offering?

My creative approach for this project actually came from a stressful time in my life. The beauty of this project was the production on it triggered the emotions I was going thru. Every song on this was written therapeutically. I didn't even realize I had a body of work until I was finished writing to all the beats my producer sent me and heard them thru while being mixed. That's when I realized I had a sound that is missed in vintage for, yet still new in my own distinct way because I don't bite styles. My main producer @lilzhp produced 6 out of the 8 songs on the project. The other 2 came from producer D.DUB and Adam Blanco. The Adam Blanco track is a classic salsa sample so I got Thirsten Howl and Bodega Bams to assist me. We also just shot a video with Joel Ortiz for another track off the project.

Your music is extremely heartfelt and real, you have said since having your son you cant create music unless it comes from the heart and soul. Why do you think that is and how has becoming a father changed your outlook content wise?

Honestly I don't even know. That evolution in my sound happened when my lady was about 6 months pregnant. At the time I was also fighting a case so the fear of being incarcerated again after my son being born was unexplainable. I was under so much stress I couldn't write about anything that wasn't real. All my music I created at the time was organic and I realized it was so much better than all the other material I was creating. The response I got from the Dear Yeison video was a sign that following my heart was better than following the trends so I'm doing my best to stick to that saying.

You were also incarcerated at one point, how do you look at life now that you are out, you have a healthy son and a promising career in music?

As crazy as it may sound being incarcerated was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I was forced to become a man and see life for what it really is. In this world we shouldn't take anything for granted, especially time. I learned a lot of valuable tools and a work ethic as well from being in the halfway house. After having my son I feel life is all about hard work and family because us as men are suppose to provide. If I could raise my son to where he doesn't make the same mistakes I made, then my contribution is done to making this world a better place. I look at life as the never ending struggle, you work extremely hard to build something, but sometimes people lose focus on the ones they are leaving their legacy to. I plan on building that legacy with and for my family.

You are also definitely a business man, owning the clothing brand 'Mad Limited' and the website '90sHipHopJunkie.com', how does diversifying your presence in the music industry help you overall?

I've always felt like it's not good to put all your eggs in one basket. Coming from the golden era of hiphop I was very inspired by what Jay Z, 50 Cents, Dr. Dre, etc accomplished with their fan base and buisness etiquette. I live by the hiphop culture and fashion is one of the big parts of it so I teamed up and invested with my brother in Madlimited which is a clothing line inspired by the era we come from. I feel like if I can do big things with the music, our line of clothing will be just as big or if we do T succeed with the music we still have the clothing to look forward to. The 90shiphopjunkie brand is as cultural as it gets because the sole purpose of it is awareness and keeping the purity of our culture alive. I feel diversifying my presence in the game gives me options and different ways to open up doors of opportunities. The older heads would always tell me you have to get in where you fit in so I'm just putting my talents, and creativity to work in hopes I get what I been working hard to Achieve.

What's next for J.Littles?

For me it's more like what isn't next. I feel like I have already taken on to much to bite but that's what keeps my fire burning. Always trying new things. I would like to start a new documentary series for the 90shiphopjunkie brand interviewing legends and pioneers from the past as well as putting some shows together in hopes that it can turn into a tour.
Where can we find you online?
On instagram @j.littles.... Twitter/@jay_littles facebook/ jay littles soundcloud/90shiphopjunkie

Shout outs?

Everybody who has been supporting me from the beginning.


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