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The Real Life Empire?

Christian combs took to twitter to state they are the real life Empire. Some people took it as a opportunity to poke fun but lets match them up and see how they stack up.

In Empire Mr. Lyon is a millionaire with and music label, clothing line, alchohol etc.. Lyon also has 3 sons but one is gay. One son raps, the other sings and the last is book smart.

Diddy has Ciroc, Sean John clothing line and Bad Boy records as well as a few other companies such as marketing and advertising. Diddy has three sons and none are gay that we know of. One of Diddys son's plays football and the other sings/raps/acts and I'm not sure what Christian does.

Looks similar to me even though Diddy is not dying of a fatal disease. Empire creators recently came out saying that the story is based on Jay Z, doesn't make sense to me because Jay has a baby girl. Diddy is much closer to Lyon in my opinion.


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