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Spate Magazine Exclusive Interview with Worldarama

What's up Worldarama? For those new to the name, who are you and what do you do?

What's good I'm world short for worldarama I'm an artist and I've been producing independent television (grindhardtv) for 10 yrs now.

You have been a staple on the hip hop scene in NYC for a minute, when did you realize that this was your calling? and what keeps you motivating to reach your goals?

I realized this was my calling since I was a young child. I grew up with hiphop so it's all I know. That's my motivation, the love for the culture also seeing so many of my peers becoming wealthy off of what I'm really good at, So I'm not giving up till I feel like I've reached that financial goal that I want to be at but it's the love for the culture and the fact that I'm very talented that keeps me going.

Let's talk about the new 5 song EP 'Whatever You Want From Me', describe the creative approach and what you hope listeners will take away from the experience?

My creative approach for this ep was my 10 year anniversary for my tv show. I felt it was appropriate to put out a new project to celebrate my accomplishment instead of just throwing a party for it And the whole project is about my struggle as an independent artist/businessman and how I feel like the masses haven't really recognized what I've contributed to the game as yet. I still feel like I'm 1 of the most under rated artist/tv shows out here. That's why the lead song titled whatever you want from me 1st verse starts off with me saying (I been looked over for too long)

The first single 'Don't Stop' speaks on the state of hip hop today, in your words where are we right now, especially in NYC?

Well I feel like the game is in a great position if you have the capital to invest in yourself cause you can make a lot of money independently and feed your family it just takes hard work, diligence, know how, who you know and capital. The record nyc don't stop was created cause ny is all of a sudden sweating the southern style of trap music and trap beats but when you go out there our shit don't get played that much on major radio and as I would read the blogs I would see the comments and people be talking crazy about the birth place of the culture. It's no respect for new york hiphop anymore.

In the song 'Do My Thang' you show love to those who have supported your movement over the years. How important are your fans to you and what kind of response do you hope to get?

Fans mean everything! cause without them no one would care about any artist. As an artist You always make the kind of music that you as an individual are happy with using your own creativity, but every artist wants the fans to love what they put out. And so far I've been getting great feedback from this body of work. Not a lot of support from the ny djs but the fans love the music so I will continue to push until everyone recognizes.

Being that this EP is your first major project in 7 years, what are some of the things you are doing to promote it VS the way you last remember due to the change in the climate of the music industry?

Well this is my 1st solo project in 7 years, I've put out something every year but this is my 1st solo effort in 7 years and I'm fully investing in myself to make sure it reaches where I would like for it to be. In earlier projects I was with other people like being in a group, making compilations, mixtape features. But doing that, someone can cancel and not come to shows or radio appearances but with this project it's just me and my dj/producer Eitan Noyze. So there's no other artist egos or disloyalty involved to worry about.

You also are the CEO of GrindHardTV which has been dropping DVD and creative content for the underground and mainstream for years, what's new on that end?

Well now since I'm 10 yrs in producing television I'm focusing on creating more web series and movies with great story line. I Want to challenge myself with being more creative with video production.

What's next on the Worldarama agenda?

Far as worldarama as an artist i still have (thehoths) web series that I've been filming for years. Footage of my kids growing up and the sound track to that. I'm all about parenting and fatherhood Also I'm working with some talented people that are including my hurricane sandy footage for a documentary about me living through the storm.

Where can we find you online?

Any last minute shouts or plugs?

Shout to my kids (thehoths) my special lady, all my day1s, my mother, my dj/producer Eitan Noyze, Zoom Zoom beats, Ksharktv, newagephotos, Thoroplated Promotions, Tigerstyles, shapel and all the producer's that I worked with that gave me that heat through out my career. To all the fans that support me. Special shout to all the people that hate on me cause yall are motivation that make me Grind even harder.

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thanks for the love. I will never give up!