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Mase loses lawsuit to model over instagram pic

Mase got hit with a lawsuit from snatching a instagram pic from a model. I told you guys about doing I think we all do that but Mase was actually selling something and using the pic so thats why he got singled out.

Reports TMZ:
Stephanie Delgado sued the rapper-turned-reverend-turned-rapper for stealing a pic from her Instagram page and plastering it on advertisements to promote his new single, “Why Can’t We.”
Delgado wanted $60,000 in damages … presumably because she felt the pic was effective in hawking the single.
Mase never responded to her lawsuit so the judge entered a default judgment. But the judge wanted her to prove how much the pic was worth. She said she had once made $25,000 for a commercial shoot to promote an artist’s music. The judge asked for proof but she said it was all done in cash and only knew she made the deal with a guy named Woo.
The judge decided a fair price for the pic was $7,500
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