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I said this 8 years ago XXL Magazine goes digital

When I started Spate Magazine it was a print magazine. After starting the magazine I saw a shift in advertising dollars going towards the internet. You started seeing more music start ups and national radio was taking a big hit in advertising. This was about 8 years ago. So I decided to go digital only because that was where the revenue was going. Now %30-%40 of major brands marketing dollars go towards social media marketing. That doesn't include banner advertising and other digital advertising. I came to the conclusion 8 years ago that everyone was going to go digital eventually because ink and paper is just too expensive and its slow. Digital is faster and there is more room for growth. Now you have another major magazine that is going digital, XXL magazine has just closed the doors on print.

XXL comments on going digital:

"We think XXL has strong potential in both the digital and live events market." - Wilson

"We incubated something digitally, but the Townsquare people can take it to the next level with their digital expertise. I don’t think it is a cost-cutting thing. I think it is an opportunity for Townsquare to do more with [the franchise]." - Harris