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The Underground Music Awards is back in NYC and BB Kings

For the past 10 years The Underground Music Awards have been a staple in the New York music scene. They award independent music artists that have worked hard to build their brands but haven't broken into the mainstream just yet. Most of the artists that are nominated are very close to breaking the barrier into mainstream music. Some of the award winners include Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma, Machine Gun Kelly and more. As you can see many of the artists that have won in the past went on to attain mainstream success. Machine Gun Kelly signed with Diddy and Nicki Minaj went on to sign with Universal under the Young Money umbrella. The UMA's also honor some of the greats from the past. Artists like Run DMC, Naughty By Nature and Force MD's are many of the groups that were honored at the UMA Awards. The event is always sold out and everyone has a great time. We are grateful that the event is back and we are looking forward to a great show. Spate Magazine is also nominated for "Best website for indie artists" so you can vote right here at our website. Hope to see everyone there this year.

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More info about The Underground Music Awards

When Will the 2014 UMA's Take Place?

The 11th Annual Underground Music Awards will take place Sunday, September 21st, 2014. EVERYONE MUST ARRIVE AT 6PM SHARP! Doors will open at 6:30PM and the ceremony will start at 8:15PM
Where will the 2014 UMA's Take Place?

The 11th Annual Underground Music Awards will take place at BB Kings in Times Square, NYC (42nd Street between Broadway & 8th Avenue) -
What time should I be there?

Everyone should arrive at BB Kings on September 21st, 2014 no later than 6:00PM. Doors will open at 6:30PM Sharp! We would like everyone to arrive on time if possible. If you are a nominee and you choose to walk the Red Carpet, then you should be there at 5:15PM
What Will The Security Be Like at the 2014 UMA's?

Please Note: There will be Very Tight Security: Off Duty Cops &
Undercovers will be Inside and outside of the venue courtesy of BB Kings -
(No Drugs or Weapons or Gang Colors Allowed) Moreover, Urban Threshold would like everyone to abide by the rules of BB Kings, which includes no violence, no drugs, no smoking and no weapons. Rules will be strictly enforced. Let's have a fun Award Show in the spirit of the Underground. ONE LOVE!!!!
What Time is the Red Carpet?

The Red Carpet is tentatively scheduled for 5:30PM.
Will I have to wait on line on the day of the UMA Awards?

Please expect to wait on the line before entering the venue. Urban Threshold does not control the security protocols of BB Kings. It is the BB Kings policy that everyone be thoroughly searched to ensure for a safe and secure event. Hence, we ask that you be patient and respect the BB Kings security and their rules. Additionally, Be prepared to see NYPD stationed outside and insde of the venue. No drugs, weapons or gang colors will be allowed.
What is the Dress Code for the 2014 UMA's?

The Dress Code is "Casual But Neat" - No Durags or Gang Colors allowed!
We would prefer that all of the males wear a button up shirt with a collar.
How Much are the tickets for the 2014 UMA's?

(Please note that all of the 2014 UMA nominees can attend the award show for free - each nominee will receive a special comp ticket for themselves to enter the awards) Everyone else, including managers, publicists, fans etc. must support and purchase a ticket!

Tickets are as follows:

General Admission or Full Price Tickets: $40

Full Luxury Booth Tickets: $70 per person (Must purchase 4 for a booth)

Tickets can be purchased at the BB Kings box office on 42nd street between Broadway & 8th Avenue anytime.

Tickets can also be purchased online via or