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Spate Magazine Exclusive Interview with Kid Vishis

We got a chance to talk with Kid Vishis. If you are not familiar with his name you might be familiar with his older brother Royce Da 5'9. He has hip hop running through his veins so checkout the interview and music from this up and coming hip hop star.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Kid Vishis the Prince from Detroit Mi, I'm a dedicated and hungry MC on the come up that loves making dope hip hop music for the people. I have dropped 4 mix tapes, an EP, and I just dropped my debut album titled "Timing Is Everything".

What projects are you currently working on, new & future releases?

Well like I said, I just dropped my debut album and Im currently working on a new project. I will probably do an EP this year and another full length album next year. I'm shooting videos for my current album, touring and just trying to make this SickEM movement official.

What is it like have Royce as a brother and mentor?

Royce is an amazing person, brother and mentor. If he never picked up a pen he would still be the kind of person who you would look up to just because of how genuine and kind he is. Royce motivates me by example and not just talk, so anytime I feel weak or lazy I just think about how hard Royce works and I get right back on my toes.

Does Royce give you tips on your flow and music?

Sometimes he does. Royce records a lot as well so it would be when I play him songs on our down time. I can tell when he really likes something and when he is not feeling it so much but he will say "you should switch your flow a little more" or "you should change this or add that" but only when we are riding to music.

What are some of your goals over the next 2 years?

l want to be in everybody's top 10 MC list.. I want to travel the world performing hip hop and to be able to take care of myself and my family and give back to the Detroit community through hip hop. I want to be the underdog that wouldn't stop fighting and ended up shocking the world because my hard work landed me in a great place. I also want to be able to use hip hop to branch off into other things like movies and opening other businesses to help provide jobs for others as well.

Are you looking to sign to a major label or continue on the indie route, and what's the reason for your preference?

Well right now its all about Seven13 Music and SickEM Entertainment. My partner Tony B from Seven13 has a mission to move together through hip hop our way so that's what I'm looking forward to doing. If a major comes along and the contracts are worked out the right way and the money and control is good then maybe a major would be considered but I'm not just looking to sign just to say I signed and end up getting raped by them.

What are some of the challenges of being a indie artist?

Promo is probably the biggest issue. It's harder to get your name out here without that machine behind you to stamp you and vouch for you so that the fans will give you a shot. People in the majority are followers and do whatever the majority of others do so if you don't have that backing it's harder to stand out.

Have you done any songs with the members of Slaughterhouse?

Nah, I'm trying man lol.. They don't have very many features in general so I guess I'm just waiting in line but that's not a big concern of mine. If it happens cool, if not, the party still goes on.. It's a mutual respect there but those guys are spread across the States and are busy guys so it's never personal but I have my own mission that has to get done and it doesn't depend on a Slaughterhouse feature even though it would be great for hip hop and an honor for me to test my skills against the game's best spitters..

Do you have any events coming up now or are you planning shows in the future, and if so, where?

We are putting tours together now for September. I'm hearing mainly the U.K, Europe, and Canada then end it all in the States. I'm willing to be on tour for 2 years straight if I have to lol!. I'm just gonna keep working hard until its time to hit the road but be on the lookout for The Prince in your city, state, or country really soon.

How can people find you online?

@Kidvishis on twitter and instagram and Marcus Kidvishis Montgomery on Facebook. I'm always online on one of those three sites posting new info about upcoming Kid Vishis events so follow me and stay tuned..


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