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Does Bobby Shmurda have a second single?

Bobby Shmurda is being compared to Trinidad James because they both had big singles but James wasn't able to maintain his buzz. After James single "All gold everything" lost steam he was unable to drop another hit. Then he got dropped from the label. That's the problem with having such a big hit, its really hard to comeback from that. For most people like Drake, it was easy to follow up with another hit. Drake dropped "Best I ever had" and continued to drop hit after hit. Now a couple of albums in and a few dollars richer, Drake is a solid music star. Would asking Bobby to do the same be too much for the young star? Does Bobby Shmurda have the talent of a Drake? Some people don't realize Bobby is a movement. He started his own dance and language. They put "Sh" in front of words which means quiet. You can see the movement on instagram and vine, kids are imitating him all over the country. Trinidad James never had a movement. He never identified with the fans like Bobby does. From the looks of things Bobby will be around for a while, and if he isn't I will be surprised. He does need a few more hits before he can be known as a legitimate artist.

Bank Roll feat Bobby Shmurda

Shmoney Dance


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