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Spate Magazine Exclusive Interview with Bass Player Donald King

Spate Magazine sat down with Jazz artist, music producer and bass player Donald King to talk about his plans and goals for the future.

So how long have you been producing and playing bass guitar and where are you from?

I actually play base, lead guitar and some keyboards. I'm from the Bronx NY but I currently live in CT. I've been playing since I was a teen but life got in the way and I stopped for a while but know I'm focused and I want to put out this jazz album.

Being a jazz artist and R&B producer, do you listen to hip hop?

I grew up on hip hop but I tend to gravitate towards the old school sound.

Is it difficult to bring jazz music to the masses?

Not really its like being any type of artist, you have to build your fan base etc..

What artists are you working with right now?

I'm focused on my jazz album right now, but I also started a company to score film soundtracks and TV shows. I think that is something I want to work really hard on. I want to be the go to guy for music in film and TV.

When will your album be done and how can people find it?

My official single should drop July 8th and my album will drop maybe 2 months after. You can find me at My site is not finished yet but you can find some stuff there.

Any last words?

Thanks for your time and download the album coming soon, my single will be available in July so get that.