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Spate Magazine exclusive interview with Patrick Toussaint

What's up Patrick Toussaint? For those new to the name, let everyone know who you are and what you do?

​My Name is Patrick Toussaint, and i am a Recording Artist, Songwriter and Performer. lets not forget a Entrepreneur.​

On the come up who were some of your musical influences? What inspires you daily to make music?

​My musical influences are of course Jay Z & BIG home of Brooklyn!
Kanye West, Pharrell & Swizz Beatz. My surroundings, People in my life, things i go thru on a every day basis and the adventures I'm always having is what inspires me really.​

You worked with Pharell at the age of 15, what can you tell us about that experience and how did it help you get here?

​Well I have always looked up to pharrell and the 1st time i met him in person was at Kanye West's 30th Birthday Party​ at the Louis Vuitton Store.

Pharrell always seen me around, literally everywhere especially being that i have a young baby face, at all these dope events, then one day I got a call from Nino (Manager of the Ice Cream Skate Team) that Pharrell is flying to nyc from japan to do BET Rip The Runway and needs a bunch of kids my age to dance on stage with him, so he gave me Pharrell's Manager's contact and told me to go meet them at Electric Lady Studio. me and Pharrell spoke and hung out and was super super cool, P​harrell gave me a nickname that night which was The "Solider" and we been cool ever since and built a dope relationship to where I got a chance to appear in his music video "Everyone Nose" Where he introduced me to Kanye West as His Soldier​ and was blessed to ​hit the stage in a couple cities​ with him on the "Glow in the dark Tour"

You are currently working closely with legendary music producer Baby Paul, how did you link and what is the creative synergy like?

I met Baby Paul through a mutual friend one time at a studio on 14th street and we been cool ever since, him and his team reached out to me months after we met to reconnect and from there its history in the making with the DOE/Transparency Family. The team believed in me and was ready to move and I was prepared! we collabed on a dope record on my EP called "War of Hearts" BP is always surprising me with new records which gets me in the creative zone when I hear beats that are so refreshing. more to come for sure!!

Lets talk #Truth EP, what was your creative approach and what can potential fans expect?

#Truth is basically an introduction to the world to let people know who is PATRICK TOUSSAINT. I like to call my music "Luxury Rap" the Bugatti of Rap as I like to say. This is my 1st time doing a EP and spent several months putting this project together. I'm very picky when it comes to my beats and my tracks and I have a lot of amazing Producers involved such as B.Howard, Rob Holladay, Christian Rich, Jon Bonus, Fynese, Top Notch, Vinylz, Knotch, Musicman TY and lets not forget Baby Paul! Fans can expect some quality music. I am telling my story and giving you all music people will be able to relate to. #Truth #LuxuryRap

Your new ​single, "Can You Feel It" is available now in digital stores, whats the feedback like thus far and what do you want listeners to know about your talent?

My 1st single released around Valentine's wknd Feb. 2014 called,
"In Love" Featuring B.Howard produced by The geek squad is actually one of my favorite records and everyone that has heard it LOVES IT! I have gotten so much great feedback from it and blessed to have the super talented B.Howard on the record with me. My latest single is called "Can you feel it" ft. Michael Lockett produced by Jon Bonus which is what I like to call "stadium music".
I want people to know I am bringing real music and refreshing music back, a young fly Haitian brother from Brooklyn making it happen!

In the past you have done some modeling and you are currently a brand ambassador for some various companies in the marketplace, what is it about your style and fashion sense that has people wanting you to be associated with Patrick Toussaint?

I have done a few modeling gigs, but I have always been into fashion and I treat this music like a business as it should be treated, speaking of brands I am a brand myself, a very marketable brand which gives me the opportunity to have ownership in a tequila called "Gecko" and a endorsement with Hi ball Energy drink, and also collaborating with Andy Hilfiger on some vintage couture Hilfiger pieces.

The ladies want to know if you are dating anyone or are you currently single?

I have been single for almost 4 years and focused on my career. Love will come when it's supposed to.

What's next on deck for Patrick Toussaint?

#Truth EP is on the way, I have some visuals on the way for a lot of the records, I have a lot of shows coming up, I have a collab with Andy Hilfiger in the works and some secret collaborations in the works

Where can we find you online?



INSTAGRAM: http://Instagram,com/PatToussaint



Any last shouts?

Shout out to my team, D.O.E./Transparency and everyone who believes in me! God bless!

Vlog joined by B. Howard