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Emilio Rojas – Zero Fucks Given Track by Track Review

Emilio Rojas – Zero Fucks Given (Mixtape Review)

1- Intro (Didn't listen)
2- Trouble feat Nore (Cool Track) I Like
3- 167 (Not bad)
4- Harsh Realities (I like this) Track is hard
5- Hold Up (Nope) He singing on this please don't do this anymore, not for u
6- Bitch is crazy feat Joe Budden (Who the hell is that Joe Budden)Too much like a Drake song (A bad Drake song)
7- The only one feat Gene Noble (I like this, nice vibe)
8- Dead presidents feat Dubb (Dubb, don't know him) Can't loose with this beat though, I like.
9- Just started feat Bodega Bamz (Nope, not feeling this)
10- T.I.N.A (Sounds like a Dre track, good) This cool
11- Dynasty feat Gene Noble (This cool, not bad)

7/11 Overall rating is good not great. Probably wouldn't take another listen, no real anthems.