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Spate Magazine Exclusive Interview with Music Producer Hype

Hailing from Hackensack, New Jersey via Lower East Side, NYC, Walter "HYPE" Hall has become one of the most sought after and respected young producers in the game today. HYPE has worked with artist such as Hip Hop legends Fabolous and Fat Joe as well as many up & coming artists. Hype's production credits also extends to television such as crafting the intro theme song for Diddy's Revolt TV show "The Gate" and most recently Season 12 of "The Bad Girls Club" which aires on the Oxygen Network. Spate Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with HYPE to discuss his achievements, how he got start and his insights into the music business and the state of the game today.

Tell us about yourself?

I'm HYPE. The first HYPE worth believing in. Drummer, Pianist and Trumpet Player. Hollatainment Records' President. Acoustic Prognosticator. Sushi Cognoscente. The Honorable Louis Faraswag. Ecclesiastical Grustleman of the Ages.

What projects have you been apart of?

Well I've been blessed to continuously work with Tenn Stacks, Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Fabolous. I've also done the last two street singles for Fat Joe, Collaborated on records with Chrisette Michelle, Ne-Yo, Freeway, Young Chris, Jadakiss and I've been dabbling in Tv/Film, having done the theme music for REVOLT TV's "The Gate".

What have been your most memorable times in the music industry?

There have been many situations that I've been very appreciative to be apart of, but the ones that really have helped define me have been situations in which I was able to be a fly on the wall amongst people that have been doing this at such a high level, but not creating with them per se, but just hanging with them. It helps me realize that people I either look up to, or have studied, that most people idolize, are just people, but REALLY cool people. For example, being in the home of Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets while he freestyles over an unreleased Kanye beat, was AMAZING. Sitting in Missy Elliott's basement, just talking music and styles, was life-changing. Standing in a room with Robert Glasper and Dwele joking about regular stuff with some of the greatest creatives of my time, means more than credits, and most importantly, it's helped me grow as a person and a creative individual.

How did you get involved with the oxygen network and the bad girls club?

Me and a friend of mine, Ace Deuce, who is an amazing songwriter from Harlem, collaborated on a bunch of tracks hoping to create a good catalog of records that could be placed in either TV/Film or with big name artists. Through his connections, he heard of an opportunity to do a Chicago themed song for Oxygen, and some of our songs were sent in to their Music Supervision team. Long story long, we got great reviews and they loved the track and decided to use it in a couple capacities for their BGC Chicago Series. Hopefully there's more where that came from!

Who are your greatest influences?

Those that have come before me and those who have what I want, whether it be success, creative freedom, financial comfort, etc. I study them to see how they carry themselves, what their core values are/were, and it doesn't even have to be people in music, but just pioneers who have made some historical changes and decisions.

What advice would you give to up and comers?

SERVE. Don't be worried about stupid titles like "Grammy-award nominated super producer of the milky way galaxy and bla bla bla..." That means NOTHING. Serve others, and solve problems. I have to remind myself daily, its not about your perception, it's about your purpose. Purpose will cut through the fog, and sincerity will stand out eventually. SERVE and your name will become Great, and you won't need a title. Second, keep your circle small and effective. I went through the confusing process of being associated with people because of their name or what folks SAID they could do, and it turned out, they couldn't do ANYTHING for me. Let your team build organically and it will stay together, God Willing. My team is AMAZING. Marlin Townes III and Paul Sangillo on the legal side. Anthony FATE Lynch and L&B Consultation on the PR side. FATE has coached me through practically every rough spot in my career. My sis Alicia Gooding on Branding/Marketing. Nefertiti Babs and Stephon Anthony on the west coast. Just on point. And I shout their names out because they continuously stand by me and GET THINGS DONE when NO ONE else does. They are consistent, and up and comers should stop doing their inadequate friends favors by giving them a job and get a real team. Greatest decision I ever made; and I've been blessed that I just happen to have a team built up of friends.

What projects are next for you to be featured on?

I really hope to be more involved with TV and Film, and get more into scoring so I can utilize more of my instrumental talents in a more traditional way. Other than that, I got some things brewing, but the task at hand is Tenn Stacks project, American Grustle.

What do you feel about the state of the music business today?

You Don't Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate. Other than that, do I wish our industry had more competent professionals who actually answered the phone and moved with a sense of urgency? Of Course. But that I can't control.

What's the difference between working with unsigned artists and established artists?

Both processes are interesting and unique. I know beggars can't be choosers but I do prefer to work with people who actually are true talent without an ego. To this day I've been blessed that all the artists I've worked with have been professional and extremely talented. I would guess aside from financial backing the only visible difference is the experience and power of the team/machine behind them.

What was your reaction to hearing one of your produced songs on the radio for the first time?

I remember I was playing in a church service on Halloween, and Fat Joe's "Dope Man" was released. My car radio was broken and people were texting me while I was in church excited that my song was on the radio. On top of that, I couldn't even listen to it because my hooptie had no sound. But when I got out of church I kept calling people asking them "How does the mix sound?" like a true nerd. Haha Great experience.

Who do you pick to win the NBA title?

How about those KNICKERBOCKERS BABY!!!!!! J/K I want to see the Clippers do well in light of the Donald Sterling incident, but I have to root for Brooklyn because that's the home team. Realistically though, it looks like the Heat and the Spurs are going to end up going at is as usual.

Follow Hype:

Twitter: @YoungHypeLife
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Soundcloud: Younghypelife

For Inquiries: anthony@LBConsultation.Com

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